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FSG thinks higher education from a world that has definitely changed and requires increasingly critical, dynamic and entrepreneurial professionals. Located in Caxias do Sul, southern Brazil, it offers to its students more 100 graduation courses and post-graduation options. A state-of- the-art teaching, from an educational innovative proposal, in which theory and practice are fully integrated.

The graduation courses offered in areas: Business, Juridical Sciences, Health, Engineering, Architecture, Communication and Design.

Among the academic proposals already established, there a dedication of each discipline to carry out Supervised Practice Activities, a differential which gave to FSG the Marketing Top Prize from Associação dos Dirigentes de Marketing e Vendas (Sales and Marketing Leaders Association) from Brazil (ADVB-RS) in 2009.

FSG keeps its journey welcoming diversity, and aware of contemporary requirements, based on principles that focus on the student as its greatest asset; quality as permanent search; ethics as character; citizenship as social commitment; agility as dynamic action; teamwork as constant practice; sustainability as a means of growth; freedom as expression; inclusion as respect for diversity, and life as the greatest good.

Our Business

Education, culture and knowledge.

Our Mission

Develop autonomous and ethical people to be agents of their life projects and social transformation through education, culture and knowledge.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the best option in Higher Education, offering quality services, with sustainable results, satisfying students, employees and shareholders.


Its main office is located at 2366, on Os Dezoito do Forte Street, in São Pelegrino District, where there are several pedagogical environments, such as: classrooms, laboratories, fitness center, sports courts, swimming pools, and Anatomy Laboratory.

On Júlio de Castilhos Avenue is located the Instituto Integrado de Saúde (IIS) (Health Integrated Institute), in which takes place practical classes and services to the community; every Course from the Health area participate in this process. There are two floors with classrooms; Microscopy and Histology Laboratories; Neuro-bio-psycho-social evaluation rooms; Neuromuscular Training; Chemistry, Physiotherapy, Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Nursing (dolls that simulate patients) Laboratories, Observation Rooms and classrooms.

On Augusto Pestana Street is located the Projection and Practices Center, where there are laboratories specifically designed for Civil Engineering, Production Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism, and Design. Besides, there are Material, and Physics laboratories, and Three-dimensional Modeling Workshop; also rooms which house the stations used during field research of the Topography classes (Civil Engineering).

Buildings F and G both also on Os Dezoito do Forte Street complete the structure which sums up to approximately 30,000m2 in spaces dedicated to higher education.

In Building F it is located the Escritório Modelo de Advocacia Cidadã (Citizen Law Model Office), space of pedagogical practice for Law Students that helps hundreds of people in their lawsuits, coordinated by Professors with Masters and PHD degrees. In this place, there are also installed the Dentistry Laboratories, including, radiology.

Post-Graduation And Extension

Aware of the importance of continued education, FSG has a specialized sector in the development of Post-Graduation Courses, Corporate Relations and Extension in the areas of Business, Law, Health and Education, Design and Engineering. Post-Graduation Courses in terms of Specialization and MBAs have been developed aiming, in a personalized way, meet the main needs of the market. The projects aim at enabling students to develop new skills and attitudes, the relationship of sharp critical sense and interpersonal skills improvement.

In addition to lectures, technical visits and practical activities that further enrich the topics covered are also carried out.

Faculty that integrates FSG Post-Graduation Courses is highly qualified consisting of professional experts, Masters and Doctors with extensive practical and academic experience.

Another common practice for Post-Graduation Courses at FSG is to carry out academic trips abroad, which allows the knowledge of new cultures and practical application of theoretical concepts developed in the classroom.

Extension courses are designed to meet the specific needs of graduate and academic community, involving all different areas of the 16 undergraduate courses offered.



Caxias do Sul, located in the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Sul, is considered one of the main ‘gaúchas’ cities, due to its highly developed and diversified economy.

The city distant 127Km from the capital, Porto Alegre, home to more than 430 thousand inhabitants, 92.5% live in urban areas, and 7.5% in rural ones.

Caxias do Sul is composed by a universe of, approximately, 31.000 business establishments; these 7,000 companies belong to the industrial sector and among them about 1.800 consist of the city metal-mechanical pole.

The city’s economy employs around 156 thousand workers. As a whole, this makes the city’s economy the third of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, a GNP equivalent to R$11.716 billion. In relation to national GND, Caxias do Sul is among the top 100 cities, including capitals, ranking the 33rd place.

FSG Exchange, directly linked to the Integrated Education Coordination, has as its main objective to articulate and promote contacts with international institutions, encouraging teachers and students to mobilize themselves academically, through exchanges with universities and colleges in agreements, providing, thus, the opportunity of academic, cultural and personal qualification processes.

Exchange sector main responsibilities are:
a) meet FSG international contacts, internal linkage with graduation courses, from Integrated Education (Ensino Integrado);
b) inform and guide students on opportunities to study abroad;
c) encourage Professors and students to participate in international activities;
d) organize Professors and students’ reports during exchange;
e) organize visits to other institutions, aiming academic and cultural exchange experiences;
f) help students and Professors who will exchange with information about the place where they will go;
g) help foreign students to make their enrollment and adapt to FSG context.

Serra Gaúcha College has academic cooperation agreement with Higher Education Institutions in South America, North America and Europe.

International Academic Mobility Program allows students to study 1 or 2 semesters (in a row or not) in an institution contracted to FSG abroad, with the possibility of making use of disciplines.

Any student regularly enrolled may register, provided that, have attended, at least, 2 semesters at FSG.

Learn about our partner and cooperate institutions:

Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Universidad John Kennedy
Universidad De La Empresa (UADE)
Nueva Escuela de Diseño y Comunicacion

Chile (Santiago) 
Universidad Gabriela Mistral
Universidad Central do Chile

Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Universidade do Algarve
Universidade de Trás-Os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD)
Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing (IADE)

Universidade de Vigo
Universidad de Córdoba
Universidad de Salamanca

Please contact us by email: intercambio@fsg.br

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